About Us

KereKere is in the business of enriching communities.

KereKere is named after the custom that inspired it. KereKere (pronounced kerry-kerry) is the Fijian custom in which a relative or neighbour can request something that is needed and it must be willingly given with no expectation of repayment. This custom inspires everything we do. 

We host regular Community Events and work together with our community to imagine, initiate and animate them.   We contribute $10,000 each year to support these events and invite customers to help in the allocation of this contribution.

KereKere takes on two people facing barriers to finding work each year, training them in the KereKere ethos of inclusiveness and generosity. New recruits are nurtured and work closely with fellow staff members to provide quality, sustainable products and service.

KereKere was founded by James Murphy and is a project of O+, oswaldandco.com. James is an entrepreneurial social worker that helps people connect with their community.  James grew up in Fiji and was introduced to KereKere during his decade long stay on the Pacific Island.

KereKere started out as a coffee cart at The University of Melbourne in 2007. By 2011 it had evolved into a purpose built kiosk, in 2012 KereKere South opened at Boyd Community Hub in Southbank and in 2014, KereKere Green opened in the Fitzroy Gardens Visitors Centre. In 2017, KereKere launched workplace experience concept Future Coffee and in 2018, KereKere Picnics was launched in the Fitzroy Gardens.

You can email James at james@oswaldandco.com

 James and his brother growing up in Fiji

James and his brother growing up in Fiji