Our Coffee

KereKere uses an exclusive blend called FUTURE COFFEE, futurecoffee.com  

FUTURE COFFEE is a smooth, ethically sourced blend from sustainable producers in Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia and Panama. The FUTURE COFFEE workplace blend has been refined over the last 10 years at our Melbourne coffee shop, KereKere Green, and is roasted locally by Clark Street Roasters. It is available at your place both as whole beans and ground ready to plunge.

FUTURE COFFEE is an O+ Project and is all about using the daily ritual of brewing coffee to strengthen teams at workplaces across the world. We believe a little plunge goes a long way and coming together over coffee is an important way for teams to connect, support and relax.

FUTURE COFFEE encourages you to pause your work day and take the FUTURE COFFEE plunge with a colleague.

We believe the proof is in the plunging so simply let the KereKere team know your ready to take the FUTURE COFFEE plunge with a colleague and your pot of plunger is on us.